Strip Out

The demolition strip out process is the first step in any refurbishment project. It involves removing all non-structural elements of a property, including fixtures and fittings, carpets, ceilings and partitions.

This leaves the property ready for demolition or rebuilding work to begin.

The strip out process is important as it ensures that all old and damaged materials are removed from the property before any new work begins. This helps to avoid any potential accidents or damage during the demolition or refurbishment process.

Strip out specialists

We are specialists in demolition strip outs and have a variety of tools and equipment to safely and efficiently remove all fixtures and fittings from a property.

Once the strip-out process is complete, the property will be ready for the next stage of the refurbishment project to begin. This could involve demolition work or simply repurposing

Soft strip-out

When it comes to renovating existing structures, there are many instances when the entire building does not have to be destroyed. As such, we offer comprehensive strip-out solutions for interiors, including single floors or entire buildings

This can be a very economical way of repurposing old buildings to house new spaces.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility means that we aim to recycle as much of the strip-out materials as possible, rather than sending it to landfill.

Environmental demolition

We also have a mobile Sandvik crusher for hire which is an ideal way to make the most from your excavation and site preparation waste, giving you the opportunity to efficiently convert your waste into a usable, saleable product.

Read more about our mobile crusher unit

No matter what the next stage of the project entails, the strip-out process is an important first step that should not be overlooked.

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