Pre-Refurbishment, Demolition and Asbestos Survey

We are a Leeds-based demolition and deconstruction company providing first-class consultancy and building surveying services for demolition projects nationwide.

Our demolition consultancy service draws on 25 years of experience and knowledge of modern demolition standards and techniques to provide you with a safe, eco-friendly and compliant demolition plan.

Demolition consultancy service

Our aim is simple: to add value to your project by maximising the benefits and cost savings from any type of industrial, commercial or residential scheme.

Demolition is a high-risk operation with a number of potential hazards. We provide expert planning, project management, and risk management to achieve a safe and compliant project without incident.

We work with and for developers, architects and stakeholders on schemes ensuring that the environmental impact of your development starts on the right footing.

Our demolition consultancy service includes:

  • Surveys to assess the condition of buildings
  • Planning and project management
  • Risk management
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Environmental impact assessments

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What is demolition surveying?

The aim of demolition surveying is to provide a comprehensive report that demolition companies can use to plan and carry out demolition safely and cost-effectively.

It involves the process of assessing the condition of a building and advising on the best course of action for demolition.

A well-planned demolition project aims to:

  • Carry out a detailed survey of the structure
  • Looking at factors such as its stability and the type of construction
  • Assess the presence of hazardous materials
  • Organise the necessary plant hire
  • Evaluate the logistics and plans for waste removal
  • Minimise the environmental impact of demolition and produce environmental reports
  • Minimise the risks to workers, the public and the environment
  • Minimise the disruption to local residents and businesses

Our team of experienced surveyors have worked on a variety of high-profile demolition projects across the UK and is able to carry out detailed surveys of buildings quickly and efficiently.

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